UniBul’s High-Risk Merchant Account Solution

UniBul's High-Risk Merchant Account Solution

We have made some additions to the list of acquiring banks we work with, which have enabled us to provide credit card processing services to very high-risk types of merchants that we previously weren’t able to work with, or at least not on terms as good as we can offer now. And by “high-risk” I mean online pharmacies, adult-oriented websites, escort services, forex trading, credit repair, etc. You get the picture. We even have solutions for merchants, which have been placed on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF), also known as the MATCH list. We can work with U.S.-based, as well as with international businesses.

How We Do It

So if you have been having difficulties finding a merchant account or have been able to set one up, but are not quite satisfied with the terms that you have, we have a solution for you. Here is how our high-risk merchant account process works:

  1. To get it all started, please fill out our questionnaire and email it back to us at sales@unibulmerchantservices.com, along with the following paperwork:
    • Your processing statements with your current processor for the latest three to six months, if available.
    • A utility bill, listing the name of your business at the address listed in your application form.
    • Business bank account statements for the latest three to six months.
    • Corporation documents for your business in the jurisdiction where it was set up.
    • A copy of the business owner’s passport (the page that shows his or her name, address and picture).
  2. Once we get the above paperwork, we will contact our acquiring banks and request that they make specific proposals, based on the information you have provided. Our primary criteria when selecting an acquirer for your organization are that they:
    • Have solid experience working with high-risk businesses.
    • Are reliable and trustworthy.
    • Have excellent reputation in the payment card industry.
    • Are discrete and honest in their dealings with their clients.
  3. When we receive the proposals, we will get back to you, typically within a day or two, with the best ones that we have received. Now, be advised that at this stage you are still under absolutely no obligation to work with us, whatsoever.
  4. Once you accept one of our proposals and sign the respective processing agreement, you will email it back to us and this is when our relationship begins.
  5. We will then initiate the set-up process and, within a day or two (it can sometimes take a bit longer, as we deal with banks and service providers across the world), we will send you detailed instructions to guide you through it. If you need any technical help from us or our acquirer, we will assist you.
  6. Once you have linked your website to our acquirer’s system, you are ready to start accepting credit and debit cards.

What we propose to businesses with existing merchant account arrangements is that you let us show you what we can do for you. We will design a payment processing solution for your organization that is very likely to be better than the one you currently have. And if it isn’t, well, you are under no obligation to accept it. Moreover, if you can’t easily make a decision just based on what you see in our processing agreement or in anything else we may have put on paper or stated in other communications with you, you can test our service for a month or two. We are certain that you will enjoy doing business with us, but on the off chance that you don’t, you can simply terminate our agreement and keep on accepting payments with your previous processor. After all, there is no need to immediately cancel your existing merchant account. The point is that we want your business and will do our best to win it, but will not impose any restrictions on you. So contact us now and get started!

UniBul's High-Risk Merchant Account Solution

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