How We Made $2.3 MILLION In New Recurring Monthly Revenue And How You Can Benefit From Our Success, Too

How You Can Benefit From Our Success

Well, if you operate a high-risk business, you should sign up for our insurance program — yes, it is self-promotion, but the benefits speak for themselves.

But there is another way to profit from our new product — partner with us and get paid for every merchant you help us sign up! You will get paid 75 percent of our profit every month and for as long as the merchant you bring in keeps using the service.

Now, I don’t expect many of you to have a pool of high-risk merchants doing 750,000 transactions a month (although some of you will), but most of our readers are industry insiders, so you have the contacts.

Oh, and we don’t require that a merchant switch their payment processing to UniBul, in order to be signed up for the insurance program.

No, we are more than happy to offer the service to any merchant, irrespective of who their processor might be.

I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions and you can use the comments section to post them. I will try to answer them directly, but I expect to be writing quite a bit about our new program in the coming months, so I’d suggest that you sign up for our blog, so you don’t miss important updates.

If you are a business owner and would like to sign up for our new service to get 100-percent insurance coverage and customer satisfaction on every product and service that you sell, while cutting your chargeback rate in half, please contact us at

If you are an ISO and would like to offer the service to your own merchants and benefit from our partner program, please contact us at

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