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How We Made $2.3 MILLION In New Recurring Monthly Revenue And How You Can Benefit From Our Success, Too

How We Made $2.3 MILLION In New Recurring Monthly Revenue And How You Can Benefit From Our Success, Too

We launched a brand new product in September, which is by far the biggest thing we’ve done since we started UniBul. It is one of those things that completely transform a business and its relationship with its customers. It may also transform your own business, even as it opens up a potentially huge new revenue stream for you.

What I’m about to share with you in this post is one of the most powerful tools I know of for turning an average online business into a well-trusted brand, with a much higher conversion rate, much fewer customer complaints and returns and, crucially, a much lower chargeback rate. In fact, your chargebacks will be cut in half, at least. Of course, all this translates into significantly higher revenues and profits for your business.

Furthermore, we are giving you the opportunity to profit from our new product, not simply by using it for your own business, but also when you help others benefit from it. So, let’s get started...

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High Risk Merchant Account with no Monthly Processing Limit

High Risk Merchant Account with no Monthly Processing Limit

Most of the service inquiries we get are from domestic or non-American businesses, which are already taking credit cards, but have some issue with their existing solution they need to overcome.

Such issues can take a number of different forms. Among the most common ones is that the merchant is operating under a monthly processing limit, which is too low and inhibits their growth — that’s probably the most common complaint. Another is that the merchant’s existing processor is shutting them down — there can be any number of reasons they might want to do that, including high chargeback rates, fraud, etc.

We can help many such businesses to get a new merchant account, provided they comply with our requirements and are willing and able to do the job that it takes to get a new processing solution set up and operating. In this post I will focus in particular on the issue of a monthly processing limit — or rather how to get past it — and what you should expect from it...

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Social Media Have Become The New Frontier For Credit Card Marketing

Social Media Have Become The New Frontier For Credit Card Marketing

The guys over at have looked at a lot of data to see how the latest credit card trends are affecting millennials and have come up with some interesting findings.

Noting that the days that credit card companies used tables on campuses as mobile college student recruiting stations are gone with the passage of the CARD Act, observes that college kids are still a prized demographic.

As the CARD Act does not restrict credit card companies from promoting themselves online, finds, social media have become the new frontier for credit card marketing. The authors have presented their findings in the fun and useful infographic below...

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High Risk Payment Gateway

High Risk Payment Gateway

As a company specializing in international card-not-present credit card processing, at UniBul we understand the importance of a solid, reliable high risk payment gateway. Every time a customer enters the checkout area of your site, everything should work flawlessly, as there is absolutely no room for error. Well, this is why we have designed our merchant accounts in such a way to ensure that you never miss a sale. Our payment processing service simply works, every time! Contact us now and we will show you what we can do for you.

Once we’ve received your information, we will review it and get right back to you within the same day with some details on the merchant account we can set up for you. Depending on your particular circumstances, we may have more than one solution available, in which case we will explain what they are, so that you have all the facts available when making your decision. Once we’ve decided on the set-up, we can have you up and running in a few days.

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Should You Use Verified by Visa or Not? Here Is What You Need to Know About It.

Should You Use Verified by Visa or Not? Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It.

Every now and then a merchant would get in touch with us who would explicitly ask for a set-up with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, which is known as 3-D Secure merchant account. Sometimes they would do that, even if a non 3-D service was available for her business. Most of the time, these are international merchants doing business in some high risk industry or other, who have previously used both types of merchant accounts and have had less than satisfactory experience with the non-3-D version. The biggest failure they cite, as ever, is that the non-3-D type had failed to protect them from chargebacks that weren’t their fault. 3-D solutions, in contrast, had helped them keep chargebacks low and their merchant accounts in good standing.

So, if a 3-D Secure merchant account is better at minimizing chargebacks, why would a merchant want to use anything else? Indeed, why is 3-D Secure type the exception (at least in the U.S.), rather than the norm? Well, the biggest reason is that the 3-D protocol makes the check-out process much more convoluted and cumbersome than it otherwise is, as it requires customers to go through an additional procedure to verify that they are authorized users of their credit cards.

And this procedure is not as simple as entering a card’s security code or your ZIP code, but it involves registering the card with Visa or MasterCard and creating yet another user name and password in the process. Many cardholders are understandably unwilling to go the extra mile and the end result is that a 3-D solution may cause a merchant to lose up to 30 percent of her transaction volume. Yes, it that big of a difference!

So what type of a merchant account should you choose for your business? The answer is “it depends”. Most of you would be better served by a traditional, non-3-D, merchant account. If, on the other hand, you do have a really big problem with fraud-related chargebacks, you would most likely benefit from a 3-D solution. Otherwise, you may well have your merchant account shut down. If you happen to go for a 3-D Secure, here is what you need to know about Verified by Visa. I will cover MasterCard SecureCode separately, for the sake of clarity...